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The process of "buying" an available domain name. Registration is handled in the USA by InterNIC. The initial registration fee is given below. Your domain is the name you give to your website, i.e. .The process of requesting and receiving a unique name for a location on the Internet from a regulatory body For your domain name to become a part of the registry, your domain name needs to be added to that registry. "Registering" a domain name means you are associated with that domain name for the period of the registration. "Registering" a name means you own it, and no one else can register that exact same name for the period of the registration.

Domain name registration is done for minimum period of one Year and, maximum for ten years. We do Domain registration of com/ net/ org/ biz/ info/ .US/ co. in/ ac. in / firm. In / .cc / .TV Etc. Domain name provide your own online identity.

Renewal : We provide Domain Renewal of different Registrars like Domain People Inc, Network Solutions Inc, and Melbourne IT Ltd, DirectI, Opensrs (Tucows), Joker, Bulk Register, etc.

Transfer : We provide Domain transfer from different registrar to different registrar. A domain can be transferred from the current Registrar to a new Registrar provided that the domain is not expired. A Domain can be transferred to a new Registrar after sixty days from the date of Registration.

Following are Features available for Domain Name :-
 Control Panel Of Domain 
 Domain Locking Facility Considerable experience. 
 CEasy Whois Management
 Activation within 24 hours 
Alert for domain name expiry.

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