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Modules - Budgeting and Forecasting, Procurement, HR and payroll, Public Works, Reporting & Analytics.

Why ERP?
 Improve efficiency with modern web-enabled Public Sector ERP systems
Eliminate the administrative burdens of managing disparate systems and unmanageable interfaces
Identify opportunities to reduce spending.
 Eliminate the cost of maintaining legacy systems
 Control risk and improve process controls
 Respond to changing requirements easily and cost-effectively

The need for cross-departmental cooperation
In a world where functional boundaries are blurring, many finance managers are partnering with operational departments, other similar organizations and third parties to minimize costs and optimize value. This raises the challenge of standardization and/or the ability to interface with other systems.

The need to replace disparate legacy systems
Local government finance managers often rely on an inefficient combination of independent, disjointed software applications (many of them out-of-date), spreadsheets, cumbersome interfaces and manual intervention to pull together the information they need.

 Process is inefficient and error-prone
Reporting is rigid and difficult to change if a new requirement emerges
 There is no organization-wide visibility 
 Multiple maintenance agreements are burdensome (and some applications may even become unsupported)